Activities to help with a discussion on teen dating

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Activities to help with a discussion on teen dating

The clip features a real couple talking about the dynamics in their relationship.

The group will be discussing the video and doing an activity based on the video.

Some of what the couple talks about may bring on strong emotions.

This is natural, but comments should be held until the group discussion.

" Explain that if someone is abusive before there is an emotional bond, often times the victim will quickly end the relationship.

However, once there are strong feelings like love involved, it becomes much harder to walk away. This is a stressful period for both the abuser and the victim, but there is no violence present.

The Cycle of Violence is the term given to the cycle that abusive relationships usually follow.

Ask the group what kinds of threats would be used in a marriage.To illustrate the importance of this bond in the cycle of violence, ask the group, "If on the first or second date someone called you names, asked you constantly about your whereabouts, or hit you would you continue to date them?" Almost all participants will answer, "Of course I wouldn't date them!Grade Levels: 9-12 This activity would be most effective if delivered in one 60-minute session.Prerequisites Before beginning this activity, watch the video listed below or preview the clips on the Web.

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Once you have visited all statements, return to your seats."Once the group has returned to their seats, announce that ALL of the statements are TRUE. Today's session will involve seeing a short video and having a discussion about this very important topic.