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Alliance dating agency in lebanon

Therefore approximately 20 % of Lebanon’s population is Syrian.

Most of the people who fled the war settled in the border regions in the north and east of the country.

The majority of Lebanese who live in areas where Syrians have settled hold the refugees responsible for power and water shortages.

Over half of the Syrian children between the ages of three and 18 do not attend school.

Since the beginning of the conflict between the Syrian regime and armed opposition groups in 2011, millions of people have had to flee their homeland.

Over 5 million Syrians crossed the border into neighbouring countries, primarily Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

Roughly 1 million Syrian refugees have registered with the UN Refugee Agency in Lebanon (947,000 as of January 2019).

There is also an unknown number of unregistered Syrians.

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He believes that the withdrawal of international solidarity is also playing a role.