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"When he was released, he came to London instead of going back to the States," Ellen says."He asked my parents if he could marry me and my father said, ‘Talk to the boss,’ meaning my mother.Nora suddenly left us on our way to lunch because she knew Lloyd wanted to be with me." That simple lunch in 1943 launched Ellen on a great adventure that culminated in her leaving home and family to make a new life in America.

Their decisions often came down to proximity, opportunity, and generosity, or some combination of the three.Ellen and Lloyd were finally reunited in America in April 1946, and settled in Lloyd’s Pennsylvania hometown.If British women saw American soldiers as a breath of fresh air, the liberated people of continental Europe saw them as nothing short of heroes.Lloyd, a turret gunner on B-17 bombers, was participating in his last bombing mission over Germany in April 18, 1944, when his plane was hit by enemy fire.The pilot managed to crash-land in a field, and the 10 crew members split up and headed in separate directions.

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He was stationed outside London, and Ellen says she thought "he seemed like a nice guy." When he came back another day and asked her to have lunch with him, she was torn.

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