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Atheist dating a christian girl

My suggestion would be to not sit around pondering this concubine and get out there and make yourself available, so you can move on.

All you were guilty of was being honest to her and if she is so close minded to not date someone with a different set of beliefs then fuck her, there are a plethora of other females in the world.

" All round, I stick to what I said at first, you should feel bad with yourself for sucking Gods dick, when you don't even believe he/she/it exists, going against what you truly believe in is just sad, especially when you do so for someone else.

I assume this must be an american thing or something, I've never had anyone give a shit about me being atheist or anyone else's beliefs.

I even asked her out on a date where I'd cover everything and she agreed.

The other day I find out that she was involved with a bunch charities and volunteer work.

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I haven't tried praying since I walked away from religion years ago.

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