Audrina patridge who is she dating now ford commercial speed dating

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Audrina patridge who is she dating now

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They didn’t even have a solid “on” period before it seemed like every other episode was about them breaking up or getting back together.The actress and model's love life, in particular, was often fodder for gossip magazines as she dated different celebrities in Hollywood after her time on the reality show; though much of her storyline on fleshed out her seesaw relationship with resident Bad Boy™ Justin Bobby Brescia, Partridge also memorably dated singer Ryan Cabrera (she's clearly got a thing for guys with ~hair~) and even reportedly had a love connection with the underrated but number one Hollywood Chris IMO, Chris Pine.But her most public relationship—which also happened to be her most tumultuous—was her 10-month marriage to Corey Bohan.Throughout this time, we witnessed a number of memorable moments, including Justin saying, “Truth and time tells all” (imagine being that bold on your second TV appearance), and Lauren telling Audrina, “Homeboy wore combat boots to the beach.I know you don’t want to call that your boyfriend.” Classic.

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She shared, "I met Ryan Cabrera in 2002 through mutual friends and we started dating off and on."In that same clip, she also acknowledged the big elephant in the room: the short-lived reconciliation between her and Justin Bobby.

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