Can beauty be intimidating

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Can beauty be intimidating

Everyone just wants to feel like someone likes them for who they are and finds them attractive. This went on longer than I thought but uh I guess this is what I'm trying to say: TL; DR: There is no secret club of beautiful people that only dates other beautiful people. I think it has something to do with what is always said here: men get rarely compliments about their looks,hence the low confidence in presence of a beautiful woman.

Everyone wants to date people they find mutually attractive and everyone has different tastes. I don't know if it's intimidated, so much as it is "oh shit, this girl's cute, better make sure I don't come off as creepy or weird"Happening right now; cute girl at coffee shop near University, she comes off as a super nice person, so even though I do intend to make a move at some point, it's going to be until I'm convinced it won't be under circumstances that could be misconstrued as anything other than 'you seem very nice, let's get to know each other' That is a bit weird though.

It’s important, however, to be aware of how people perceive you so that you can enjoy fulfilling relationships and understand where others are coming from.

You might find that some of these personality traits are qualities you like about yourself, while some might not be.

It’s definitely a better way to deal and much more likely to make you like him. You don’t remember asking how much money he makes, but suddenly he’s telling you. While some guys just like to brag, intimidation seems to make them run off at the mouth uncontrollably.

Did you really need to know how many orgasms he gave his last hookup?

We all feel a little nervous approaching someone we’re interested in. They both want to be petted, but let’s face it, puppies are cuter. I know, it’s hard to tell sometimes whether a guy’s acting awkward or he’s just that kind of strange.

Intimidated wouldn't be the right word: if she were to talk to me, or if I had to talk to her (coworker, patron, what have you) I wouldn't have an issue replying or doing my job; but I'm not going to talk to some random woman just because she's attractive. I have no real desire to talk to her, I don't want anything from her, I have nothing to say other than bullshit small talk; why would I waste my time and her's?

He’s intimidated and doesn’t want to look bad to you. She's enjoys writing music, poetry and fiction and hopes to have her first novel out soon.

Instead, he tries to learn more about you and find some common ground. How dare you look amazing, act confident and be successful?

There are always beautiful people that are intimidating. Everyone appreciates someone thinking they are attractive, but everyone loves and is actually moved when they honestly hear straight from the horses mouth that someone finds them attractive.

This might sound like I'm talking up my own ass, but I think it's partly why you see a lot of beautiful people actually ending up with people you think are "below their league".

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You don't just want to get to know her because she's a nice person, you want to get to know her because you think she's cute and you're interested.

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