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Maybe it’s a stock photo or a picture of another person.- She has no bank account and can’t open one for some reason.Scammers use money transfer systems like Western Union, because the recipient cannot be traced.- Her stories are full of inconsistencies.The strange thing is he said he worked in England but the bank account address is in Istanbul.From our experience, this is a typical case of scammers.These people steal others’ personal information like passports, bank account information, pictures and Facebook accounts.Then they create posts in several housing groups (in different cities) with the same caption.She sent him photos of her eating pizza with friends and drinking coffee by the riverside, plus a few sofa selfies. But she said she had to visit her grandmother in Rostov during this period. When Mark refused, Alyona blocked him in Whats App and deleted him from Badoo. “If you know the language and want to make a bit of money, then it makes sense. For me, it’s just a side job, and sometimes very profitable,” states a certain Angelika on a forum about searching for a foreign husband/boyfriend/sponsor. It was a 2-room apartment in a high-rise building in Cheryomushki [a district of Moscow].

Last time Flattrust talked about “How to find a room in Maastricht?

Although Flattrust has mentioned this issue in our Facebook posts before, we find it necessary to write a clear and fully informative article about this, so that you can protect yourself from these situations.

Yesterday, Flattrust saw a post on the most crowded housing group in Maastricht (Rooms/Kamer/Zimmer Maastricht).

In fact, there’s no online trace of her at all.- But she gave you her email.

Seriously (again), no one chats by email these days.

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Only scammers.- Suggest calling her on Skype or another video messenger app.

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