Dating someone with opposite political views Sex rus chat

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You supplement one another’s strengths If you’re the social one and he is shy, you can carry the conversation on double dates for the two of you.

If he is the one with business savvy, he can take the lead on financial decisions for the two of you.

You can learn diplomacy There is no better way to practice diplomacy, mutual respect and tact than to date somebody with different political views.

If you can do this without fighting, and while still truly respecting the other as an intellectual, your relationship can overcome just about anything. Too many couples with differing political views lie to themselves and to each other, and put on a show as if everything is fine, when they secretly harbor resentment that comes out in other ways.

You might be trying to prove something to the world Too often people date “outside the lines” just to prove to their friends and family that they have an open mind, or even to spite their friends and family.

It's called Flip Feed and it's a chrome extension that flips your Twitter feed to that of another user who's been identified as either right- or left-leaning.

The tool allows you see the tweets and headlines that someone with opposing political views sees everyday.

Another flip displayed more left-leaning tweets from CNN, the Huffington Post and Ezra Klein. The Wall Street Journal's Blue Feed, Red Feed tool shows users conservative and liberal Facebook posts on a specific topic like abortion, guns or Donald Trump, in a side-by-side view.

It's unclear which Twitter API Flip Feed is using, but Twitter invested million in MIT's Laboratory for Social Machines when it launched nearly two and a half years ago, a move that included full access to Twitter's "real-time, public stream of tweets, as well as the archive of every tweet dating back to the first." according to MIT News.

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But for the harmony part to happen, the pros need to outweigh the cons. The introvert and the extrovert balance each other If the extrovert feels the need to go out every night and gets antsy without constant socializing, the introvert can teach him/her to learn to appreciate down time.