Dean winters dating

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Eartha Kitt claimed she enjoyed a threesome with Dean and Newman, saying the romp “ranks as one of the most celestial experiences of my life”.

Rock Hudson and Dean were lovers while filming Giant together in 1955 until Hudson dumped him.“He turned on me,” Dean complained.

“I don’t really remember who did what to whom,” Dean admitted.

“Judy gave us some pills after popping a few herself.”Other conquests included sultry singer Eartha Kitt and Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton.

One of her former lovers told me she even has hair growing between her breasts.” But the affair grew serious and Dean told Taylor’s husband Michael Wilding: “I’ve fallen in love with your wife.

He lost his two front teeth falling from a trapeze as a child and his dental technician father made him false teeth.“Dean liked to take them out at parties to shock,” says Porter.

He lived fast, died young and left a corpse mangled beyond recognition.

Sixty years after James Dean’s fatal car crash a shocking new biography reveals the insatiable libido and tormented psyche of the Rebel Without A Cause star who slept his way to the top in Hollywood.“He would sleep with anybody to get ahead,” says Darwin Porter, author of James Dean – Tomorrow Never Comes.

“I’ve agreed to marry him one day.” But after several weeks they recognised that marriage would be disastrous.

“Let’s admit the truth: both of us need babysitters,” said Dean. We’d end up destroying each other.” However even after they split Monroe remained possessive, berating him about his fling with Taylor.

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I don’t go in for that.”Dean routinely carried a flick-knife and performing a scene at the Actor’s Studio in New York slashed both his wrists while on stage.