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Enriched uranium contains more U-234 than natural uranium as a byproduct of the uranium enrichment process aimed at obtaining U-235, which concentrates lighter isotopes even more strongly than it does U-235.The increased percentage of U-234 in enriched natural uranium is acceptable in current nuclear reactors, but (re-enriched) reprocessed uranium might contain even higher fractions of U-234, which is undesirable.Unlike the predominant isotope uranium-238, it is fissile, i.e., it can sustain a fission chain reaction.It is the only fissile isotope that is a primordial nuclide or found in significant quantity in nature.In addition to isotopes found in nature or nuclear reactors, many isotopes with far shorter half-lives have been produced, ranging from years (close to the age of the Earth).Uranium-238 is an α emitter, decaying through the 18-member uranium series into lead-206.Uranium-233 is made from thorium-232 by neutron bombardment.The isotope uranium-235 is important for both nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons because it is the only isotope existing in nature to any appreciable extent that is fissile in response to thermal neutrons.

Very small pure samples of U-234 can be extracted via the chemical ion-exchange process—from samples of plutonium-238 that have been aged somewhat to allow some decay to U-234 via alpha emission.The decay series of uranium-235 (historically called actino-uranium) has 15 members and ends in lead-207.The constant rates of decay in these series makes comparison of the ratios of parent-to-daughter elements useful in radiometric dating.When thorium-232 absorbs a neutron, it becomes thorium-233, which has a half-life of only 22 minutes.Thorium-233 decays into protactinium-233 through beta decay.

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