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On my journey, I enjoyed dominating my relationship. I am a sophisticated and conscious player enjoying a wide range of activities, pain, restraint, humiliation but those are just tools to unlock deeper release.

I am lucky that I am practicing this lifestyle it gives me fulfillment and happiness that I share with my man . I want a master who gives me rules, limits, takes control of my body and uses it for his own pleasures and entertainment, who also gives good aftercare News to BDSM looking for partner ore partners to to try new experience with I've tried bondge and found I like it so looking to try new things I do have fantasy which I to be tyed down and used and abused hard in gangbang while I'm ganged so I can't beg you to stop I am a Kinky Dominant Older Man who enjoys Kinky nsa Sex Fun with Ladies or Couples of any age, size, shape, who can accommodate. Talk to me about what you like, what you don't like and we'll go from there.

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Join Free Now Share your foot fetish stories with local feet lovers who are excited to hear about them as well as share their own.

This foot fetish group is obsessed with the touch, feel, taste and look of feet and can’t wait to express it with local singles who fit the bill.They are searching for their new partner for fun and exciting feet adventures and can’t wait to take that next step with someone like you.Use our amazing chat feature to help you connect with someone special and start talking about everything that has to do with feet.');jumptologin ;window.scroll To(0,10000);document.loginform.username.focus();" title = "Login" style="padding: 3px 0 4px 0;" Post messages about our movie/photo contributions This section is provided so that anonymous photo contributors, and others, can send and receive comments about the photos that they have submitted to our site.Feel free to post your comments or to submit your own photos, but Publish Your Own Stories, Or Give Us Feedback On Our Stories This part of the forum has been created so that you can publish your own stories on-line.

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connection is very important as i believe if you cant enjoy each others company and be able to laugh then how can you ever truly trust someone enough to fully submit? so if you think we would be a match say hi :) Looking for someone local to explore kinks I'm new to the scene, would be great to find someone to explore kinks with.

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