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Some chat rooms are definitely better than others, but there are plenty from which to choose.The web is full of chat sites, and some are more user-friendly than others.In this way, chatrooms became learning tools for a world where there were far more options — a coup for IRL wallflowers — for how we speak to each other now.They laid the foundation for online dating, texting and social networking, but with a layer of innocence.A language was born in chatrooms: omg, lol, brb and, my personal favourite, which has lost its popularity today — A/S/L (age/sex/location).Forget saying hello, you could pop into any room, type “A/S/L” and that was you, at least for however long you were logged in.Other chat rooms include a chat specific to gay teens and a room for bisexual individuals.

It was a place where you could congregate after school and chat with your friends about your other friends and about cute boys and rant about your parents and rave about whatever salacious soap opera you just watched. Chatrooms — from AOL’s Instant Messenger (which boasted thousands of rooms) to Yahoo!Designed specifically for lesbian users, steps are taken by the website to prohibit access to the chat rooms by males.Registration is required to get started, but registration is free and simple.It was where we learned how to speak to our crushes, how to flirt, how to find out who “like, liked” who.We’d overanalyze every conversation the next day in school between math class and social studies.

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While chatrooms still exist, they have a much seedier reputation now, thanks to the advent of To Catch a Predator and Chris Hansen (“Why don’t you take a seat over there? This was the ’90s, before firewalls and parental controls.