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Press “Yes” to reset (warning: all data will be erased and lost, so backup before proceeding) or enter maintenance mode.Note: If entering maintenance mode, it’s also possible to perform master reset by selecting clear user data option. even for apologists that should be enough evidence that something is amiss. And even then only if I figure I can use something listed in the changelog.When plugged into the power cradle the unit remains powered but hangs-up and accepts no inputs after about 10 seconds. Corrected an issue where Cities search would not find cities whose names contain a diacritic 'S'. Despite these hardware differences, all above firmware downloads are exactly the same and can be used for any 7x0 unit. I'll also see how it works transferring favorites back and forth with Mapsource.Improved Fleet Management protocol support and corrected some Fleet Management-related issues. So I saw today that the Nuvi 7XX has a new firmware release. My guess (which will either be nearly confirmed or proven wrong) is that after a cold reset, 5.1 is stable and does offer improvements (as indicated in the Changelog posted near the top of this thread).* Hawaiian Flyer: try the cold reset and see if you're cured, too. This list covers the nuvi line and other related downloads. Also, links to certain new series may not yet be in the list. The forced firmware update if Garmin has not re-released 5.10 would be 4.90.If I have missed a series or a unit within a series, please point it out and it will be added if available and I can locate it. If you already have this version, nothing will be installed.

You should be prompted to clear all user data, or asked if do you really want to start up in maintenance mode.1695 link *Updated items 08/04/2010 added nuvi 37xx link *Updated items 12/14/2009: added nuvi 465 link *Updated items 12/3/2009: added USB drivers link *Updated items 10/6/2009: added nuvi 16xx link *Updated items 7/28/2009: added nuvi 1xxx series links *Updated items 7/13/2009: added nuvi 2x0 (region file only) link, renamed "nuvi 2xx" to "nuvi 2xx (Web Updater)" *Updated items 6/22/2009: added "GPS Chipset Type M" & "Type M2" (Media Tek) links & "GPS Chipset Type B" (Bravo) link *Updated items 5/27/2009: corrected "Localization Data XML file" link nuvi 2xx series nuvi 2xx (Web Updater) I was not able to update the second until Tuesday because of a problem with the Product Key. BTW, I found yesterday that my Mapsource was also messed up when I connected the 1490 and tried d/l some gpx files.But whether touching some screen buttons or not, about 10 seconds after the appearance of the standard "Warning" screen, my 750 shuts down. The nuvi is still recognizable as a drive when USBed to a computer, though. But be sure to have your Favorites backed up since they may be lost during the reset. Thanks, Mary For map updates, Garmin requires the most current firmware to be on the device.Until you hear this is fixed, be aware that we're now two for two on failures after updating to 5.10! I didn't lose my Favorites but it's better to be safe than sorry. Since 5.10 has been pulled due to problems Garmin has not checked for, this version will not be installed until it's re-released or another version is released to replace it (5.20 would be likely).

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