He dating multiple girls

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Seriously, though, isn’t he tired of switching back and forth between text messages with all of these women who think that he’s dating them?I get tired just texting back and forth with my only boyfriend and handful of friends all day. Do you need some water to help you hydrate since you’re so thirsty? I don’t understand how men like him get away with this!

I was dating around and ended up focusing on one girl, wasnt a smart move because I got da oneitis.

The other day, I overheard a guy talking to his buddy about all of the women he’s been dating recently.

As I eavesdropped, it became obvious that he’s been sleeping with all of these women simultaneously.

I see 1-2 new girls a week, it's rare that a week passes without anything occuring for me, if that happens it's generally due to my laziness.

You've gotta make use of your time when you're single.

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Realized now to keep dating around til an exclusive relationship opens up. if you're with the bish for over 2 months, I dont think you should be seeing anyone else.

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