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Upon a finding that such consent was obtained through fraud or duress, the court shall vacate that decree and return the child to the parent; however, no adoption that has been effective for at least 2 years may be invalidated unless otherwise permitted under State law.When a child is placed for adoption by a county department of social services, a licensed child‑placing agency, or an individual, that department, agency, or individual shall file with the petition to adopt its written and verified consent to that adoption.All consents to adoption shall be in writing and signed by the person giving the consent and witnessed by two or more credible witnesses who are at least age 18 and who subscribe their names in the presence of the person giving the consent or shall be acknowledged by the person giving consent before a notary public.A consent other than to any agency or the division that does not designate a particular person or persons, or that purports to permit a third person to locate or nominate an adoptive parent, is invalid.Before an adoption can take place, there are specific state qualifications concerning adoption consent that must be met.To help you navigate the laws that determine which persons consent is or isn’t considered in an adoption, we’ve provided a list of laws according to each state, courtesy of Child Welfare Information Gateway.

The consent of a noncustodial parent is not required if the parent for a period of 1 year willfully fails to communicate with and to pay for the care, support, and education of the child when able to do so.In a direct placement, consent may only take place after the discharge of the birth mother from the hospital.If the mother is required to be hospitalized longer than the child, consent may be given with verification of competency from her physician.To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you.For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you.

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If the 10‑day period ends on a weekend or a legal holiday, the person may file the affidavit the next working day.

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