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Sandra Mccoy released a statement to her website days before the convention stating that they 'both decided they wanted different things.' As of 2009 Jared has been linked to Genevieve Cortese, who played 'Ruby' on season 4 of Supernatural.

They have been spotted at the Friday the 13th premiere together, Asylum 3 Birmingham convention and at rome airport in April 2009.

Jared is currently dating actress Genevieve Cortese who played the role of Ruby in Season 4 of Supernatural. He previously was in a long-term relationship with Sandra Mc Coy that ended in June 2008 after a three-month engagement.

With Jared Padalecki being a major celebrity, and being married, I doubt that he can even date a fan.

Well at least this is what they want people to believe.

Jared Padalecki is straight and until June of 2008 was in a long term relationship with Sandra Mc Coy.

Contrary to what you may have heard/read, our split was not caused by any fowl play on either of our parts, we simply decided that it was not the right time for us.

July 1982, in San Antonio, Texas USA, of Polish, German, English, Scottish and French descent.

He is an actor who rose to prominence after landing the role of Dean Forester in the television series “Gilmore Girls” (2000–2005).

The "House of Wax" actor is reported to have ended his engagement to longtime girlfriend %c Sandra Mc Coy%.

Padalecki confirmed his engagement to Mc Coy, a dancer and actress, in late March. On him calling off his engagement to Mc Coy, the Star quoted a source as saying, "Now that Jared is starring in Friday the 13th he's starting to see that his career could really take off and he doesn't want a wife to hold him back from becoming a major star." The source went on adding, "He's really ambitious and wants to be very successful.

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After being engaged from March 2008 to June 2008 to Sandra they mutually ended the relationship.

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