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Look4dating ru

now put that angsty depressed look on your face, and lower your bra strap... This is like Victoria Secret: They aren't trying to sell the clothes, just the girls. Unfortunately yes, it is legal, in order for it to qualify as pornography the girls must be involved in some type of sexual intercourse if anything less, its the law made by the idiots up in the office who say, "Oh yes the girls arent having sex so its innocent and not dirty at all"But when you think about it, it's the dirtiest thing you can ever find.

Oh, ok, yeah, get the Mom; Ashley needs a diaper change"Sick. I'm going to post a link and some of the extreme pictures but i really don't reccomend going there. Think about it, what person thinks.."Oh dear, I must go look at the models of and gaze only at their beauty, with no intentions of having sex with them whatsoever, with no dirty thoughs of them whatsoever, yup, Im only looking at them because of the artistic value of it all, yes oh my."Seriously people, its fairly obvious that the website appeals to older men who wanna whack it and keep pics of little girls in a nice "legal" fashion.

INfact..fbi hird three 13 year old girls to teach them how to go online and pretend to be 13 pritty cleaver huh? THE PEOPLE RUNNING THOSE WEBSITES KNOW WHO ITS AIMED FOR AND WHAT ITS TRUE PURPOSE IS.

noones ever that inocent..sure somone will compalne and somting will be done... The models probably dont know whats going on, the parents are probably getting paid a pretty dollar because you'd have to be stupid to put up your child online for the world to see, artistic value my ass.

I saw something about it on Oprah and today i actually visited the site. This site is for pedophiles, plain and simple, and it's LEGAL. Its just another excuse for hairy dirty old men to look at pictures of young girls.

If the parents were in full knowledge, then they are nasty; what kind of parents are they?

All-in-all, most men attracted to young girls are attracted to post pubescent teens around the age of 16 whom are practically women physically.

Men attracted to exceptionally young girls as found on the website are usually experiencing a mental abberration resulting from abuse, incomplete social development, or any number of factors which contributes to uncommon mental maturity.

We aren't talking high-school teenagers with cars and jobs here.

This is pre to recently pubescent girls (elementary through middle school).

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perhaps men with low self-esteem try to hook up with girls this age because they are too fucked up to meet a real woman.