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You feel like it’s never, ever going to heal - specially during the first few weeks."It isn’t any less if you do the dumping.

For me it’s always been like, ‘Have I done the right thing? ’ You start to doubt yourself, because you still miss that person.

"It’s important for a guy to know and understand me before he can even think about taking things to the next step.”As the only member of The Saturdays without a boyfriend, many would think Mollie could get lonely - but she seems to be loving life as an independent woman.

She revealed: “I’m enjoying being single and I’m definitely not gagging to be in another relationship.

Mollie King might be part of amazing girl band The Saturdays, but she has the same problems as any girl in her twenties!

Opening up to Cosmopolitan magazine, Mollie shares her past dating experiences and her break up routine, the tough truths behind long-distance relationships, and her passion for fashion designs for Oasis – we’d let her dress us!

Charismatic Lawson frontman Andy Brown poured his heart out on their track When She Was Mine following his split from Saturdays singer Mollie King.

And he took full advantage of the moment, using it as the centrepiece for the band’s new video. We’ve done amazing gigs all over the world but it was a feeling I’ve never had. ” The vid shows Andy in mid-song as he wanders up to Joey, unveiling the words “Will You Marry Me?

The Saturdays singer was matched up with professional dancer AJ who is seven years her junior at the beginning of series 15 of Strictly Come Dancing.

The pair’s chemistry on the dance floor saw sparks fly and rumours of the couple’s romance ignited.

The 25-year-old continued: "Having your heart broken is hard at the best of times, but being in the public eye has definitely made it harder for me."The point is, you don’t want your ex to read how you’re feeling - or vice versa."I’ve had my heart broken and it’s the hardest thing.

Everyone says, 'Give it time, you’ll feel better in the morning.' But you don’t.

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When I go out, I’m not going out to find a man; I’m going out to dance the night away with my best friends.“The positives [of being single] are huge.

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