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Okcupid never pay for online dating

There were TONS of members in Montreal and Ottawa and in between. I slowly started to make my search more and more broad and there were still only a handful of members that had been on the site within the last month. When you first enter the site, they show you profiles from people that have probably not used the site in a very long time, but they don't tell you that.

Tried contacting them about this but they don't reply. I eventually found myself IP banned, and multiple attempts to reach out were met with vague responses or nothing at all.

Ok Cupid did not respond to Ars Technica's questions about the changes in time for this article's publication. Through the use of the visitors tab we realized we had been stalking each other for about a week.

I submitted feedback wondering why they removed the ability to 'rewind' on their "double take" feature, which allows you to go back if you accidentally swipe left on someone.

I am going to contact the BBB as well as American Express, which I used to pay for the service. I used Ok Cupid years ago and there were some decent people on there and I even met a few.

Now, a few years later, I decided to try it again after moving to the Montreal\Ottawa area. Had profile after profile of very attractive females in my area appearing in front of me.

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