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Though the road may narrow and be curvy at points, it is now smoothly paved and was the highlight of our vacation.

For those feeling daunted, these following tips will help you experience the most out of your journey. Leave early Hana Highway may only be a little over 64 miles along, but a full day is required to tackle its twisting lanes and multitude of scenic attractions.

We started on Route 36 in north central Maui, which eventually becomes Route 360, following the road as it hugged the coastline through lush jungle, plunging waterfalls, and tropical attractions.

The highway has an outdated reputation of having bumpy, treacherous roads.

Music CDs or an auxiliary stereo cable for your mobile phone can keep the tunes going since there’s very little in the way of radio stations. Don’t leave valuables in the car Maui may be paradise, but unfortunately there is a high rate of vehicle break-ins. Never leave anything valuable in the car or left in plain sight.She recently relocated to Seoul, South Korea, where she hopes to explore Asia over the next couple of years.Lara works as a freelance graphic designer and photographer.With a 25 mph speed limit, it can take two to three hours without stops to reach Hana, and that does not include the time it takes to return.To leisurely enjoy the sights and evade traffic, it’s best to get a head start from Paia before a.m.

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The road opens up to expansive black rock beaches, windswept grasslands, and rugged lavascapes spewed by Haleakalā.

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