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A locally-made vase fragment that was found in Peshawar depicts a scene from Sophocles' play Antigone.near the city of Patna in the modern-day Indian state of Bihar.After his death the magnificent Kanishka stupa was built in Peshawar to house Buddhist relics.The golden age of the Kushan empire in Peshawar ended in 232 CE with the death of the last great Kushan king, Vasudeva I.

The Khashi Khel Pashtuns, ancestors of modern-day Yusufzai and Gigyani Pashtuns, began settling rural regions around Peshawar in the late 1400s.

Singh appointed Neapolitan mercenary Paolo Avitabile as administrator of Peshawar, who is remembered for having unleashed a reign of terror.

His time in Peshawar is known as a time of "gallows and gibbets." The city's famous Mahabat Khan, built in 1630 in the Jeweler's Bazaar, was badly damaged and desecrated by the Sikh conquerors.

After the Ghaznavid invasion, the name was again noted to be Parashāwar by Al-Biruni.

The city began to be known as Peshāwar by the era of Emperor Akbar.

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Following the defeat of the Sikhs in the Second Anglo-Sikh War in 1849, territories in the Punjab were also captured by the British East India Company.

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