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If there was no illicit sexual conduct before your date of separation, then post-separation dating is not relevant to a claim for post-separation support or alimony.

However, a paramour who stays overnight when your children are present can be grounds for denial of your custody or visitation.

In any action for divorce from the bonds of matrimony the court may at any stage of the cause, or from time to time after final judgment, make such orders touching the care, custody and maintenance of the children of the marriage and what, if any, security shall be given for the same as from the circumstances of the parties and the nature of the case and the best spiritual as well as other interests of the children may be fit, equitable and just.

In determining the best interests of the child, the court must consider the child's reasonable preference for custody.

To answer these questions falsely would constitute perjury.The recommended method is for the parties to enter into a marital settlement agreement and have it entered as a temporary or final order of separation and maintenance until such time as the divorce is finalized.Your attorney will assist you in negotiating an agreement that is fair to the parties.Rather, it is called an Order of Separation and Maintenance that is issued by the family court judge.Separation simply means that you and your spouse no longer live together.

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Also, your spouse might file an action for “alienation of affections” or “criminal conversation” seeking substantial money damages against your paramour based upon his or her sexual intercourse with you or interference with the marital relationship between you and your spouse either before or after the date of separation and before a divorce is final.

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