Shawn german dating 13 year old

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Shawn german dating 13 year old

I can move the camera so much better then before.""We usually aren't able to hold the phone ourselves like most Musers do because we dance a lot, but we have a stand we set up which makes it a lot easier," Dani shared."We also get our friends in it or they'll help film, and it makes it fun for all of us! Learning the rhythm is important whether you're dancing or lip syncing." "My most popular video was one I did to the song 'Popular.' I think it resonated well with fans because I used props and really acted out the song," said Baby Ariel."I didn't even have many fans at the time, but I posted on a trending hashtag before it became a thing and because I was at the top everyone saw it."Don't feel like you have to live with your videos forever."I deleted my first ever because it was so bad," Morgan explained."In fact, I deleted all my videos filmed on my old i Pad because I couldn't stand the quality of them.I view all my videos regularly and delete the ones I think aren't good enough." Plus, Morgan swears she Danielle Cohn noticed that different types of videos have different advantages.

Canadian muser Kristen figured out that timing really counts. Posting at least twice a day is ideal if you want to gain fast, but I post more since the more you post, the more likely your videos will be seen." Dani and Deven echo the importance of timing. PST so people our age are out of school and can watch on both the West Coast and the East Coast," said Dani."The fist video that I ever posted would have to be (in my opinion) the most cringe-y video on — or the internet in general," Kristen shared.

"I do look back at it and cringe because I was so little and dancing and really didn't know what I was doing.

But I'm so proud of myself for how much I have grown.

Other top stars agreed: the app is a strange corner of the internet where supportive commenters greatly outnumber the trolls.

If you've been itching to get in on the action instead of just watching your fave Musers on repeat, think of this as your guide.

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"It was a lip-sync to a Nicki Minaj song and for some odd reason it got featured!

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