Single parent dating preston connecticut

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Single parent dating preston connecticut

The author took the time to develop the story and the characters with plenty of interest, lots of emotion, and some heat to keep the reader entertained.

I did not have the pleasure of reading the first in the series but this was a stand alone that was highly entertaining and an enjoyable read throughout.

After getting out of an abusive marriage, getting involved with another powerful man just isn't something Jayne wants anything to do with. After the rough time he's been through the last few years, Jayne is the first woman to catch his attention in a long time.

Convincing her to give them a chance won't be easy though!!

Elisabeth Barrett is an author that will be producing wonderful reads for a long time to come!

A wonderfully crafted story of a single mother trying to rebuild a life for herself and her son.

(I received an ARC from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review)Jane is a divorced, single mother who left an abusive marriage.

It had fairly good reviews and it stayed tru*I kindly received an ARC from NEtgalley in exchange for an honest review*Wooooooo!!!!!(view spoiler)Jane is a single mom going through a bitter custody battle. She meets Press and is very attracted but also extremely guarded. There is something about romances featuring single parents that gives the reader hope and happiness.The book follows their courtship and growth nicely. While I am not a single parent, I can certainly understand the frustration and fear that a single mom may have.When Preston (Press) North enters her orbit, she's terrified that a relationship with him might jeopardize her custody battle and she doesn't trust her judgment in picking men.This was a lovely story considering Press conquered his own demons, rising from the awful depths of a year-long alcohol stupor to straighten out his life.

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This is a great read with wonderful characters and def A wonderfully crafted story of a single mother trying to rebuild a life for herself and her son.

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