Stephanie martin dating thornhill profile

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Stephanie martin dating thornhill profile

She also had a regular role as Kim on the short-lived ABC sitcom Malibu Country, and appeared in the main cast of the TV Land comedy series Impastor.

Rue has a recurring role as Nancy Granville on ABC's American Housewife.Rue appeared uncredited in the 2006 Mike Judge film Idiocracy, in the role of the Attorney General.In 2006, Rue starred in the stage musical Little Egypt with French Stewart, Jenny O'Hara and Gregg Henry at the Matrix Theatre in Los Angeles.Her first appearance on the show occurred on November 17, 2008.In 2009, Rue appeared in the movies Man Maid and For Christ's Sake.

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She guest-starred in Two and a Half Men as Berta's pregnant youngest daughter.