Tamagotchi dating show

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Tamagotchi dating show

The Travelling Show is the V5 variation of the pause mode.

Differences from previous versions When raising a non-parent family, only the 'TV Surfing' and 'Tea Time' games are available.

According to the package, Bandai quotes, "The Tamagotchis set up this expo to learn more about Earth." It contains a central pavilion, and 4 other pavilions representing each of the main areas of the Earth.

It also included a TV option where the player can use Gotchi Points to shop on the Shopping Channel, find a mate with the Dating Show, or go travelling on the Travelling Show.

With the parents come 'Golf Putt' and 'Shoe Pairs' games.

This Tamagotchi is the next in the Tamagotchi Connection series.

Its motto, according to the package, is "We are Familitchi!The Tamagotchi will transform into a replacement mystery character, known as Nazotchi (translation: secret Tamagotchi), during connection. In Ver 2 Game, Tamagotchis play for a certain amount of "Gotchi" points.Also, the older the Tamagotchi gets, the more games it can play.The Tamagotchi can make friends with other Tamagotchis and can: If Tamagotchi Connection cannot find a partner to have tamababies with, a matchmaker will come, allowing the tamagotchi to have a tamababy with a computer-controlled Tamagotchi character.This applies to versions 1 to 4 and 6 only, on version 5 there is a Dating Show which the user must access to gain a CPU partner. Depending on the version of Tamagotchi Connection, the Tamagotchi will do different things.

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