Tenchi muyo dating sim

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* IMPORTANT: if your grades are too high, Remi'll also ask you for a date.

Go after Mikae (this might have an impact, I'm not sure). * September 22: after the exam, Mikae'll set a date during the evening of the 28th.

* run in with Miyuki at central park (if doing ART) during daytime or evening (if art high enough?

) set up date (up to August 23) - run in with Chiemi at the beach (if doing sports) (up to August 28) August 18 Remi gets really pissed (lose major points here) if you forgot your promise on the 17th.

* September 2: save Mayumi from Mikisaki (if you got Mayumi's underwear before). ) * August 17 to August 28: run in with Chiemi at the beach (if doing sports) * August 18 to August 30: run in with Chiemi (lay) at beach if doing sports during evening. Say that you're used to it, you don't have anyone else special in your life and 'going to woo her'. * NOTE: the following event is key, or you won't get past the part that uses that info later. * August 10 to August 20: Choose SHOPPING or PLEASURE during daytime. The truth'll come out, Ryoko'll get pissed and she'll run away with you. * September 18 to September 26: Ryoko (lay) shows up to your flat after running away from home if doing SPORTS at NIGHT. * September 19 to September 27: Following the previous day, Ryoko tells you what happened with her brother. Items ======== You can usually buy the stuff for yourself often.

* September 7: run in with Mayumi (lay) at the train station during evening. Ryoko's brother asks you what you think of Sonoko Takahashi. * September 1: Ryoko's introduction * September 3: Run in with Ryoko on the roof. * September 8 to September 10: Kazuhiko shows you Sonoko Takahashi's CD and you find infer her secret. Unusual items generally don't generally restock if you own one (though I managed to get two wings for some reason).

just that it may be more easy or difficult to get that particular character, since the amount of attributes you get in each mode differs with the mode. General ========== * the girl(s) you lay during the game will be the ones which you can successfully choose at the end (except Anze if your passion isn't high enough and Yumi if you didn't keep your scholarship up? Miyuki Tanaka -} Art (do lots of ART LEARNING) Mayumi Kamijo -} Appearance (do lots of FASHION) Chiemi Fujimoto -} Physical Strength (do lots of SPORTS) Misako Sayama -} no stat requirement (do lots of PLEASURE) Ryoko Shimazaki -} no stat requirement (you need lots of key events, though) Arisa Miyoshi -} no stat requirement (do lots of PLEASURE) Yumi Matsumiya -} save Mayumi from Mikisaki AND Scholarship (do lots of STUDY) Anze -} Passion 5.

[if you set Remi's date on the 27th and forget Remi's date, you can still get Mikae. If you set it up on the 28th, she'll walk in on you and Mikae and Mikae's pts'll drop bigtime. * September 28: get together with Mikae during the evening (DON'T FORGET).- increases passion by 20 - required for Anze to appear Red Bracelet (10000 yen) - appears only in AUGUST.- does not appear to do anything immediately - increases luck. Golden Frog (20000 yen) - appears only in SEPTEMBER. Fortune Teller ================= The 9 subjects that the fortune teller will talk to you about are: "You may find luck if you get bad test results on purpose... :) July 27 * swimming contest * opportunity to compliment Chiemi (say that she has a great body) - Miyuki gets ill (if impressed before else not present) * save Arisa at sea (no choice) July 28 - run into Arisa at beach if doing SPORTS at any time of day (up August 3) - run into Miyuki in front of park during daytime or evening (NOT night) (up to August 22 (Aug 8)) - Yumi visits you in your flat if you're studying (during the daytime) (up to August 23) July 29 - run into Mayumi in the back streets (hotel) if you chose PLEASURE at night (up to August 15).It is designed to give pointers for the game and present the main areas where you can score 'points' with the girls. then again, there's Vendetta's walkthrough, which is really well prepared so you can get both... Remi Himekawa * one of the more straight-forward characters. * July 8: run into Remi at school * July 10: run into Remi at school, get ranted at by Kameo * Around July 12: run into Remi at school (rock scissors paper) (I got this one on July 11 for some reason). * August 17: date with Remi (at library) during daytime (DON'T FORGET).Think of this as a 'recipe' for getting the girl you're interest in =). Table of Contents ==================== 0.5 Quick Questions FAQ 1. * July 16: run into Remi during daytime (~5pm) * July 21 to July 23: talk with Remi after school, choose walk home together. If you have the rabbit pendant, she'll ask about the pendant. Say 'don't worry, I've just arrived too' and DON'T say 'love hotel' in the next choice. ) * September 17: you ask for a date with Remi, but she says only if your marks are good (ie: no.1).

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