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It was previously running Ubuntu Mate 16.04 but Lubuntu is much more responsive on this older, slower machine. As Debian has dropped support for Power PC 32-bit in Debian 9, does Ubuntu still actively support (i.e. 16.04 seems to be the last release, but I can't find ...

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The super administrator account for joomla is called The Administrator.

When logging in using the default account password, you should gain access to your Joomla account.

I have recently installed Lubuntu Deasktop on my Power Book G4.

But if you don’t want to commit to local emulation, you can also run Hypercard in retro Mac OS System in a web browser or run a web browser based Mac Plus emulator with Mac OS Classic too.

There are many other fun retro computing possibilities out there to enjoy too.

First, Apple offers many downloads of older software on their official Apple Support Downloads page.

Of course this only includes Apple software, but if you’re looking for old versions of i Movie, Pages, Keynote, the i Life Suite, older Mac OS X system updates, firmware updates and security updates, older versions of i Tunes and Quick Time, and similar Apple apps and software, it’s a great place to start.

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Whatever the older Macintosh computer is, to make it useful nowadays you’d likely want to find and download some old Mac software for it.

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