Updating verizon cell phone 228

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Updating verizon cell phone 228

First thing’s first: Porting Your Number Over to Verizon The first question I get asked quite a bit from people interested in switching to Verizon is if their number can easily be ported over to Verizon from their existing carrier. I was able to successfully port both of my existing AT&T numbers over to Verizon, and the move went extremely easy.

On the Verizon (CDMA) i Phone, Call Forwarding is enabled by dialing *72, then the forwarding phone number. Call Waiting: On the AT&T (GSM) i Phone, toggling Call Waiting was done in the software.

You’ll first speak with one rep who will then connect you to a Verizon Wireless Network Technician.

This number is important to contact in the event you’re experiencing issues with the Verizon Wireless Network, if you’ve encountered a dead zone you wish to report, or if 3G happens to be out and you’d like to report it.

*228: This is the number that offers of your Verizon phone to ensure you have the latest roaming information on your Verizon i Phone, making it easier to place calls on Verizon’s roaming network (which you’ll probably run into in some rural areas).

In addition, I’ve also been told domestic data roaming is available at no extra charge, so that’s an additional benefit I see with being a Verizon i Phone customer (AT&T has limited on domestic data roaming).

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Caller ID: On the AT&T (GSM) i Phone, toggling Caller ID was done in the software.