Validating check box

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Validating check box

When I do this, I get the error "document.surveyform.response has no properties" Any idea what change I can make to the javascript so that I can name my checkboxes name="responses[]" ? Hello How do I validate a group of check boxes on submission to ensure that at least one check box has been selected?This also have a problem i.e for the first time the confirm box is not showing and if once i check the check-box and click on button confirm box is displayed.If i un check it and click on the button the same confirm message is getting displayed instead of alert box. I am trying to deploy to a Windows Server 2003 machine running. Not surprisingly, I get an error about the strong assembly names referenced all over my web.config when I try to access the site on the production server. NET 3.5--it should all be compatible with the 3.0 framework.Web form and a gridview on the same page with data validators I have a form where a user can submit a new customer and directly below that is a gridview where they can view the customer they just submited plus their other customers they have submited in the past. Just declare this class: And instead of using a Check Box List in your code, use a Validateable Check Box List.

On the aspx file you can now work with the Validateable Check Box List just like you would with a plain Text Box.

Now this gridview has the edit/update property so the user can modify their customer information.

The whole idea is to have 1 single page where a user can do everything they need to without having to be linked to another page. For form Resized by position of the div : if div can't dispaly all (such as only top part , then web form heithten the heght),resize the web form Web Form Resized by position of the div : if div can't dispaly all (such as only top part , then web form heithten the heght),resize the web form ! Talking to police about Ghomeshi allegations was validating: Decoutere One of the women accusing former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi of violent behaviour is encouraging other potential victims not to be afraid of speaking ...

If check box 1 is equal to false and if check box 2 is equal to false and if check box 3 is equal to false Since your form is browser-enabled the popup message will not show, but the user will get a red dotted line around one of the check boxes and will not allow the form to be submitted until it is fixed.

If you want the red dotted outlining to appear on all of the boxes when they haven't selected at least one of them apply the same exact data validation to each of the check boxes.

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Require Field isn't very helpful because I want to validate that a use did select at least one of these option. Hugonne- This look like it could work - however, what if I have another group of checkbox.

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