Who is calvin from house of payne dating

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Meanwhile, Bart's obnoxious nephew hangs out at the firehouse and challenges Malik to a firefighter battle Ella heads to the hospital after a lump is found in her breast.

She confides in Janine but hides it from the rest of the family.

Meanwhile, Calvin's pal Peanut comes up with a nutty plan to impress his new girlfriend: He claims to own the barbershop and poses as a member of the Payne family.

Miranda brings her parents Jeffrey and Sandra to meet the Paynes.

Meanwhile, Calvin scores a job at a most unusual place, and Curtis is instantly the happiest man on the planet.

Aunt Ella and Janine help her work the judges, but it's them that end up learning a lesson.Meanwhile, Malik gets a paper route to pay for sneakers.As Malik invites his new girlfriend to a Payne family dinner, Calvin again woos Miranda, who ripped him off during a previous romance but now insists she's changed her ways.Planning a move to Africa, she sells her home to a new family. Curtis and Ella's relationship hits a bump when Ella claims that Curtis takes her for granted.Meanwhile, Curtis blows a gasket when he receives a slew of parking tickets; Calvin and Miranda return from their honeymoon; and Jazmine journeys to a boarding school in North Carolina Malik's friend Kevin has an intimate relationship with a woman who has syphilis. Curtis learns his lesson when the always sassy Madea materializes in one of his dreams as his wife.

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Malik's best pal, Kevin, is injured in a hit-and-run accident, while staying at the Payne residence.