Who is taylor swift dating kennedy

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Who is taylor swift dating kennedy

Taylor and Joe are pictured together for the first time in a paparazzi shot.

The two are seen enjoying coffee on a balcony in Nashville, Tennessee and Taylor is smiling. It's reported that Joe is there to meet the parents. As well as this, reports that Taylor is house-hunting in London - the city where none other than bloomin' Joe lives - also do the rounds.

I’m sure there are a few other flings, and if I’ve missed your fave T-Swift romance be sure to let me know in the comments section below.

Do you think she’ll ever slow down with her acquiring and dumping of men? Or do you think she should continue to dominate the playing field and flaunt what her country mama gave her?

Taylor and a whole load of squad members (Is the squad still a thing?

) including Lorde, Cara Delevingne, Dakota Johnson and Martha Hunt attend a secret Kings of Leon concert in New York City.

Taylor and Joe are photographed again, however, this time they're really trying not to be.

The couple have done a very good job of keeping their relationship shrouded in mystery.It’s official, Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have broken up, and they’re never, ever, ever, ever, ever getting back together.Supposedly, the two parted ways a while ago after they realized that they just weren’t able — or willing! This relationship’s downfall comes just months after Conor and Taylor were seen getting hot and heavy at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.Taylor's BFF Ed Sheeran pipes up, telling a radio station he thinks Joe is a "good dude"."I've been breaking hearts a long time, and toying with them older guys just to play things for me to use / Don't blame me, your love made me crazy / My drug is my baby / I'll be using for the rest of my life"It's fair to say Taylor's public reputation took a bash during the time she met Joe, which she could be hinting at when she describes how the mysterious subject of the song was into her regardless.He also has “Taylor loves the UK and how she can live a relatively normal life without being disturbed," the source said.

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Taylor calls the film "phenomenal" and tells her followers to go see it.