Who pays while dating

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Modern couples often elect to participate in a male-led relationship while others prefer the woman to direct the relationship. In these scenarios, it is up to the individual couple who pays for the dinner bill on specific dates -- for example, one party might earn more money and like to pick up the tab or the couple takes turns paying for going out.

Overall, whoever asks for the dates typically pays for the meal.

At first — but the newness of it is wearing off, and I realised it’s actually also really tiring, and so, so, so weird. And back in our ancestral years, dating was more of a, “Hey, Lucy from the next town over, I saw you milking the cows really well. I’ll show how you great I am at earning money so we can buy a decent home. Point is: just like sexual consent, buying someone a meal (or receiving a free meal) can also be experienced through the lens of “comfort”, since there are degrees of comfort. And if you want your guy to pay on the first date: Because say, if we’re friends, we’ve known each other for a while and someone finally popped the question, “Let’s go on a date.” And the guy doesn’t at least offer to pay, or show me his chilvarous side, his ability to look out for my needs etc…How are you planning on getting out of the friend zone, exactly? When the discomfort or situation arises for you to use your boundaries or communicate it, then do so.

Some women may prefer to step up and assume control of asking and paying for dates, and other couples share the expense of going out for a good time.

And while plenty of grandmas, mainstream television shows, and traditional dating columns wholeheartedly agree with these reactions, I find it most uncomfortable when these words are coming out of intelligent, independent, hardworking females mouths, who not only consider themselves feminists with a capital F but also believe — and preach — that we should be feminists.

All, including that person sitting across the table, nervously asking you questions while trying to make enough eye contact but not too much. If the future is female, shouldn’t we be acting like it?

But it's also wrong that the man sitting across from you is three-times more likely to hold a senior role at the office, is making 20 percent more than you for the same amount of work, and is generally being charged up to 58 percent less for everything from clothing to deodorant to office supplies.

Now, I'm not preaching that two wrongs make a right or suggesting to fight fire with fire.

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For the gents out there – why are you paying for the meal or drink? Nothing is sexier than a guy who knows what he wants. Literally or figuratively, next to your list of 36 Questions to Ask Strangers and Fall in Love.

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