Zagat dating and dumping guide

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Zagat dating and dumping guide

But it’s awkward to leave a restaurant in the middle of a meal, and embarrassing to have a tearful discussion in front of other patrons.

If you feel like you must dine and dump, choose the location strategically.

Although she was far from heartbroken, she felt it was inappropriate to dig into a crème brûlée. But although breaking up with someone in a restaurant is a bad idea, that doesn’t mean the only appropriate setting is your place or the dumpee’s.

If you’re ending a long-term relationship, you should do it in the privacy of your home; otherwise there’s nothing wrong with breaking the news in a public place so you don’t get trapped in a four-hour analysis of what went wrong.

Now that Zagat’s has announced new Dating (and Dumping) Guides for New York and LA, I’m bracing myself for some nasty stories.

Zagat’s selected their dumping grounds based on the number of exits and proximity to transportation (so you can get the hell outta there), as well as the attractiveness of the clientele, so that you can immediately pick up someone else to hook up with. Is it my imagination, or does it sound like Zagat’s is catering to the Y chromosome crowd here? What kind of a guy would maximize the humiliation of being dumped?

Instead of a restaurant, Marcia Gagliardi, creator of San Francisco’s Tablehopper newsletter, suggests: “a lesser-known wine bar, a café, or [you could] even get a piece of pie someplace that’s quick, where you can sit, engage a little, drop the bomb, and get out of there.” Don’t choose anywhere you’re a regular, she cautions.

After all, the more anonymity when exposing yourself in public the better.

” (Also, you probably won’t enjoy the meal much if you’re mentally rehearsing your “It’s not you, it’s me” speech.) You might be confident that the breakup will be amicable, and so why not enjoy a good last meal together?

Well, you know I am all about strategy, about taking control of your life to get what you want. This is not an appropriate time to think about remaining friends. You don’t want him calling to “check in” and see if you are surviving the devastating heartbreak that he inflicted.3. This is where the very important self-pitying behavior begins.

You may not be able to control being dumped, but you can certainly control your response to it. Here are some activities I recommend: is about to come on.” You will wander over to the TV in the PJs you have been wearing for 72 hours, and you will turn it on.

Restaurants deemed suitable for dumping in the Zagat Los Angeles Dating (and Dumping) Guide are ranked based on number of exits, proximity to transportation (so you can make a quick getaway), and how attractive the other patrons and staff are (so you can go on the prowl for a new lover).

But even Merrill Shindler, editor of the LA Zagat Survey (which publishes the guide), confesses that breaking up in a restaurant is a bad idea: “There are sharp objects, glasses of wine, bottles, and all sorts of things that could cause damage.” The biggest problem with dumping people in restaurants is that, when you invite them out for a meal, they will think you’re inviting them on a date, so you’re setting them up to feel tricked on top of breaking up with them.

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